“Bitcoin is trending”… thanks a lot Coinbase

See the picture for an example of poor UX in Coinbase. It’s really no secret that Bitcoin is in a bull market.if I invest in it now, I will likely see gains in the short to medium-term. But that’s exactly the point, I’m not sure what my time horizon should be on this trade at this point, I’m not sure of Bitcoins value.

That’s why I downloaded Coinbase and am learning about the fundamentals of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. I definitely don’t need an anxiety provoking notification implying that I’m missing out on a hot trade.

Finance apps especially should carefully consider their default notification policies. Truly, this experience moves me further in the direction of opting for a decentralized exchange, not that I see a centralized exchange like Coinbase can’t pass up the opportunity to boost user engagement. Feels like a needy kid tugging at your shirt. I get that profit is an imperative, I generally like capitalism, but it’s strange to be reminded of it by a company whose underlying technology that critiques this kind of corporate centralization.