Ignorance, incompetence and inexperience

One factor explains a lot of what it means to be a good Jiu Jitsu training partner – your ability to match your opponent’s intensity.

This isn’t necessarily under conscious control, especially beginners who experience and respond to massive adrenaline dumps. This is why beginners are less trustworthy – they do not necessarily have control and pose greater threats to one’s longevity than a skilled black belt who, at any point, can injure you at will.

It begs the question, what other things in life do we not have control over due to naivety, ignorance, incompetence and inexperience? It makes one want to master everything to take control of one’s destiny, and exert will on the World.

Productivity out of enjoyment, not necessity

Delayed gratification has been a theme in my writing the past several weeks. While waiting for indicators of progress, concentrate on enjoyment rather than intended outcome.

Our developed cortexs love planning and envisioning success, but more attention should be paid to primal, organismic satisfaction in the meantime (…not read as “orgasmic”…).

Taking up Jiu Jitsu has been strange in a sense – it still slightly surprises me that I keep with it. The first 2.5 years I never thought about it outside of class, but consistently attended class 3 days a week.

I never related to the guys chatting about their favorite grapplers, the latest and greatest move they saw on YouTube, or martial arts philosophy. I never could exert energy in those directions.

I’ve persisted not from an interest in the sport, or an identity as a martial artist, but because Jiu Jitsu is a nice primer for mental flow state and bodily enjoyment.

Now, after 3+ years, as a beginner-intermediate, I’m starting to come around to an intellectual interest in martial arts and Jiu Jitsu. But this naturally blossomed for me and I think that’s the key.

Efficiency and mastery are bi-products of enjoyment – one should not get ahead of themselves. Thus, it makes sense in life, to pursue high-quality activities for the express intent of enjoyment before all else.

I should probably take my advice in terms of career – god knows I can be uptight. I welcome the idea of industry disruption, to kill and automate jobs, then supply the population with a UBC on which everyone can live from.

Eventually, we will overcome the last blemish of an advanced civilization and do away with soul- crushing, bull-shit, paper-pushing, political jobs. This is complete mastery over nature that we only pursue productivity out of enjoyment and not necessity.