Human creativity as a religious ideal

The goal should be to purposely lose track of time at least several times per day.

Also, was just thinking of the different application areas for human creativity.

Abstract thought in the form of story-telling, writing and theory. Physical craft, where matter is subject, such as wood-working. Athleticism and bodily movement, where human is subject, such as ballet and Jiu Jitsu. And, now digital craft, like video-editing and, increasingly, software entrepreneurship.

I do think human creativity manifests itself in everything. The activities mentioned above are just deliberate pursuits meant to cultivate, showcase, and heighten human creativity.

Somewhere in all of this is the religion that I subscribe to.

Inventor by birth

To develop a theory or product for the world – one of the most worthwhile dilemmas. Not that either need to be grand but valuable and helpful for some. Sometimes this is all I care about in life.

I can be so rigid when it comes to that. But it’s difficult to see any justification for life, other than to end ahead of where you started.

Not necessarily materially, but internally. Ah that’s right, that brings up the paradox of life that’s had me thinking recently… aim for external contribution, while never forgetting that the final score card is graded only on character development.

An inventor is more or less broken into thirds: scientist, technologist, and artist.

Science explicates natural laws. Technology applies science to real-world scenarios. Artistry critiques the current situation and erects a path toward the future.