Efficiency versus creativity

I’ve noticed recently that I actively avoid 100% efficiency in Jiu Jitsu and in research. Absolute efficiency leaves no room for questioning the process. Thus, I take a critical attitude towards the process, never taking it for granted.

I get the most enjoyment out of 90% efficiency and 10% creative experimentation. I don’t want to become the best, or the best I can be, at a process I inherited. I want to advance the process and, rather than fight for single-digit percentage gains in efficiency, increase human capability by orders of magnitude.

Of course, there’s no guarantee of success in creative experimentation. In fact, most fail and almost all are forgotten. But it’s a feeling of duty and not some capricious want to be different for the sake of it.

I seek the wisdom to simultaneously see the value in both paths – that of the artist and that of the person who is content with 100% efficiency and who supports this World.

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