SaaS + Consulting Hybrids: Digital experiences that differentiate consulting agencies

I’m noticing more and more research-related SaaS platforms. The first two that come to mind are specialized: 

  1. Latana tracks brand awareness
  2. Price Intelligently optimizes product pricing 

Brand Awareness and Price Optimization are types of market research studies that have been in use since the early 20th century. Instead of requiring custom engagements with research consultancies, companies can subscribe to these SaaS platforms for ongoing tracking.

To me, this sort of streamlining makes sense for some insights, especially simple measurements like brand awareness; however, there will always be a place for highly customized studies designed by research experts.

Coming around to my point here. All of these SaaS platforms sell consulting on the backend so they’re really SaaS + Consulting hybrids. This seems like a great way for consulting agencies to differentiate themselves among their competitors – by offering an exclusive digital service for their clients. There are many possible value-propositions here like shorter timelines, better insights or accessible project management for the client.