• The Startup Advice I Can’t Forget

    There is no formula for coming up with startup ideas. It cannot be prescribed; however, there are places and people where lightning has struck more than once. I’ve looked into advice coming from Silicon Valley, and Mr. Paul Graham’s is the only advice I haven’t been able to forget. It’s the opposite of Buzzfeed and mainstream journalism,…

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  • Why I Quit UX

    After 7 years in UX Research, I now realize what UX is and what UX isn’t. And I’ve concluded that it won’t get me where I’ve ultimately wanted to go. I want to explain why I’ve pivoted out of UX and what I’m pursuing now. To be clear, I do not mean to disparage UX…

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    Independently Pursuing A Masters of Science

    I plan on simulating my own Masters of Science education outside of the University system. Introduction Masters of Science (MS) degrees typically require two years of full-time coursework and the completion of a research thesis. Universities post these degree requirements online and list the specific courses and research criteria needed to graduate. Further, most of…

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