Meaningful Work

Now I see I spent my 20s desperately trying to escape meaningless work.

Meaningful work is probably different for everyone, but there are probably high-level similarities.

It must align with your passions and interest, etc.

It must be honest. You must be able to be yourself.

The Harder You Think

The harder you ‘think’, the more you try to ‘convince yourself’, rationalize things, or justify things with yourself… the more you’re bullshitting yourself.

The answer has come to you or will come to you without thinking. You’re just playing games with yourself to distract yourself.

Secular Prayer

One does get the sense, after sitting and thinking of someone you care about deeply, and wishing the best for that person, and sending your love out to that person, that there is a transmission of some kind.

I assume this is what Christians mean by “I pray for you”, and I get it. You want the best for someone, you wish them the best with your entire being, and you get the sense that something was sent their way. Or you’ve shifted the cosmic order ever so slightly in their favor.

To describe what I think it is is pointless, because the only thing I’m certain of is that I don’t know. Who cares? It’s an experience you can have, and one I wish to have more.

Writing & Aperture analogy

Writing is a widening and narrowing of your mind’s aperture. You consider the micro, and when it gets circular, and starts to not make sense, you narrow the aperture to take in the macro (i.e. put more of the essay in ‘focus’). And visa versa.

Advice to Myself

My advice to my younger self would be… upon waking up:

Do nothing until you’ve had at least one divine thought.

Don’t start work, and try to avoid people, just sit and let your mind wander. You will eventually have a divine thought that is life-affirming.

This is the state that you want to enter into work or interaction with someone else.