alt:Innovators is a community of creatives and engineers who build products and start companies.

You want to take part in building a better future, but everything seems to be moving so fast. It’s difficult to know where and how to get involved. That’s what alt:Innovators is for.

What sets alt:Innovators apart is how deliberate we are in choosing the problems we work on and the technologies we build with.

start with ‘why’

We focus on the 12 startup industries that are shaping the future, and work backwards from the domains that interest us most.

see the future

We understand the 13 macro technologies that products are built on, and anticipate their future trajectories to get ahead of trends.

We think ahead, and we think deeply about the problems that are most worth solving. We are present in this moment, and also excited about a better future.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the community consist of?

The alt:Innovators community consists of two things – a talent network and a Slack channel.

What is the talent network?

The talent network connects you with hiring managers at VC-funded startups. To join, you simply fill out a Google Form that captures your values, interests and work experience.

The information you share – including your contact information – will only ever be shared with hiring managers who are actively recruiting. The entire purpose of the network is to connect you with startups seeking high-quality talent.

What do you mean “values-first” recruiting?

Hiring managers can see the problems that are most important to you and the technologies you are most interested in. This is why startups like hiring from the network, because getting to know someone’s values like this is crucial for determining fit.

What is the Slack channel for?

The Slack channel connects you with other alt:Innovators. We help each other get involved in novel technologies at interesting companies solving the most compelling problems. It’s also a place to collaborate, and spin-off companies and products. Finally, there are opportunities to help grow the community itself.