Let me reveal a world beyond pure reason and objectivity.

The things that seem, or feel, self-evident, are the things we secretly regard as most true.

This is publicly taboo, because it could be construed as anti-scientific. If you “feel” a scientific fact to be wrong, than it is wrong to you.

This is not what I’m talking about.

The things that are self-evident to me are meaningful interpretations of my experience that give my life clarity. The content is not scientific.

We pretend this world doesn’t exist in public forum, but this is most fundamental to how we operate.

And we don’t have control over it, because one cannot force something to be self-evident.

In other words, we don’t decide what we believe. Belief happens or it doesn’t happen.

So what controls our belief. Well, I guess it always come back to nature/nurture and/or divine intervention. Does it matter? Perhaps it does.