Is it possible to imagine infinity? I argue not.

Every time I think I’ve grasped it, my mammalian brain is again thrown back on itself.

I had this experience when I was a child in my backyard. Contemplating Christianity and an eternity spent in heaven.

No matter how good of an experience heaven is, “eternity” scared me.

I kept thinking… “okay so I arrive to heaven, and then I live for a thousand years. And nothing happens, and I live for another thousand years…”

Just as our eyes were evolved only to see a small spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, so too, our minds can only grasp a small amount of concepts.

Cause and effect is how we operate on Earth. And infinity defies cause-effect. What caused infinity? Infinity must have caused itself by definition.

This all may be a bunch of nonsense. But I’m sure that the human mind is not equipped to understand everything about the Universe (and beyond). It’s not equipped to understand the phenomenology before birth and after death.

To me, these topics are profoundly religious. The idea of infinity is inherently religious. Even super intelligence will come no closer to solving this mystery.