Many are smart. It’s a truly exceptional person who take rationality and logic to their final conclusions, and realizes the impotence of these tools, and subjugates these tools to something grander – a vague sense that we as humans have, but cannot essentially grasp.

In the midst of this sense of awe, our “great intellect” pales. No doubt intellect is a useful tool, but a tool implies a task, and a task implies a purpose. And where do our goals and purposes come from.

Even I am tempted to fall back on evo psych reasoning, something about reproduction and survival of the fittest. But this is a textbook answer, and any honest person will admit that the answer doesn’t do “it”justice – their experience of life that is.

At the root of all rationality is irrationality, like the human motivation to rationalize and understand the world in the first place. What are we doing here, and what should we be doing here? These are the important questions for which no answer will suffice, but that strangely one comes to an understanding in their contemplation alone.

The person who does not understand this, the “finer things in life”, are infinitely frustrating to me. Where I find meaning is walking this line – of utilizing my intellect to its full extent, while not forgetting it’s ultimate impotence.