I’ve not set out to prove anything, I just know that I would fail at capitulation. As much as possible, I avoid regression to the mean, because I know that would be the end of my individuality. And for better or worse, I’ve always held individuality as sacrosanct.

Recently, I’ve identified the “primacy of individuality” as an axiom in my life, something that has always gone unquestioned. Shining light on it did nothing to undermine its effect on my beliefs and behavior. With objective thought I understand this dualistic property of life: individualism versus collectivism. And like any duality, I can see the validity of both sides; however, I will always strongly prefer the former to the latter.

This tendency was engrained in me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always focused on how things can be made better through individual action and responsibility. I understand that this isn’t a silver bullet for the problems of humanity, but I don’t think that we have a choice – it’s always seemed to me that the only worthwhile thing to do is pursue lofty endeavors. This personal effort toward improvement, something that cannot by contrived with external support, strangely gives our existence meaning.

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