Friday night (11/13/2020)

Friday Night thoughts: I imagine one of the things that makes entrepreneurship satisfying is that you’re selling something you wholeheartedly believe in.

If I were a teacher, I would start class one day with Google Maps zoomed in on the school. “Somewhere in this neighborhood, you reside in a house with your family. You go to school A in District X.”

Then I’d continue to zoom out. “This is your city, this is your county, this is your state, this is your country, the is your continent.” Every level represents a layer of tribalism that we can fall back on at any given time.

I know many people feel this way now, but the ideal level of resolution is the human species or all worldly creatures. It’s an ideal that we will always fail to live up to. No matter how homogenized we as people or as societies become, there will always be the possibility of categorization. The solution isn’t in pretending these categories don’t exist, it’s in constantly striving towards our ideal.

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